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12 Jun 2019 Windows Media Player not playing DVD? Here you will learn how to use Windows Media Player to play your DVD movies.

Jan 24, 2019 · To play a CD or DVD. Insert the disc you want to play into the drive. Typically, the disc will start playing automatically. If it doesn't play, or if you want to play a disc that is already inserted, open Windows Media Player, and then, in the Player Library, select the disc name in the navigation pane. Can I Play DVD Folder on Windows Media Player | Leawo Dec 16, 2019 · Usually, a DVD folder is named as VIDEO_TS. Meanwhile, it is in this form when the folder is stored on a DVD movie disc. On Windows Media Player, you can easily play DVD discs easily. However, playing the DVD folder on Windows Media Player may not be such easy. Windows Media player won't play DVD (VIDEO_TS folder with Nov 17, 2016 · I double click the .IFO file in File Explorer which it shows is associated with Windows Media Player. I drag the .IFO files (or the VIDEO_TS folder ) onto the right side pane where it says “drag items here to create playlist” I right-click on a new playlist in the left side navigation pane, click open file location and select the .IFO file How to play DVD folder with media player classic? 1. Open Media Player Classic. 2. Click Menu "File --> Open File". 3. Click "Browse" button. 4. Open the DVD folder on hard drive and select "Video_TS.ifo" File. Other IFO files will work but in order to play the entire DVD you must select this file and click Open. 5. Once the Video_TS.ifo file is selected, Click OK button. 6. Media Player Classic will start to play the DVD folder on hard drive. Enjoy the DVD movie now!

Worse, since the My Movies artwork is stored inside each movie's folder, the media files using PowerDVD, DVDFab Player, MPC, VLC or the Windows 10 New with version 2.0, Chameleon MediaCenter can play your titles with DVD Fab Player 5. Media Player Classic is a great player for DVD's, encoded media, and  12 Apr 2017 The result will be a Video_ts DVD folder which contains all data for the DVD You can try KMPlayer, VLC, Windows Media Player or so. This is the port of VLC media player to the Chrome OS platform. VLC for Chrome OS can play most video and audio files, as well as network streams and DVD ISOs, like the At the first run, you need to select a folder where all your medias are! This is VLC · VLC for Windows · VLC for Mac OS X · VLC for Ubuntu · VLC for  5 Dec 2019 VOB video files can prove problematic for your native media player. is the core of any DVD video and is usually found in the VIDEO_TS folder  Windows Media Player is used to play a variety of music and video files. Although you will need a DVD player installed in your computer to play a DVD movie, 

[Resolved] How to Play VOB Files on Windows 10 Feb 14, 2019 · A free .vob player Windows 10, like VLC, MPC-HD, PotPlayer, KMPlayer, GOM Player, etc. is another ideal option for successful VOB playback on Windows 10. These media players include rich built-in codecs which can help you to play VOB videos directly. All you need to do is run the media player and import the VIDEO_TS folder. How to open .DVD files on Windows - Quora Jan 13, 2017 · Many people will meet the problem that open DVD movie on Windows, there is too many ways to do. Following will provided some ways to solve it. Windows supported media formats is based on file types supported by system-attached Windows Media Player how to play vob files in windows 10 media player

Any DVD Converter is a DVD to Windows Media Player converter, which may set Audio Language to the one you would like the DVD movie's sound to play in. Once the conversion is finished, you can click "Output Folder" button to get the 

[Solved]Windows Media Player Won't Play DVD Video_TS Step 1: Click the downward arrow beside Load Disc button and you can see three options out there, Step 2: Click "Profile" box and move mouse cursor to "Common Video" or "HD Video" category, select WMV, AVI, MOV, Step 3: Convert VIDEO_TS files by hitting the Convert button in the lower-right How to Play DVD Folder with Free Media Players Dec 07, 2013 · The KMPlayer is a free media player for Windows (Windows 8 compatible) that can play DVD folder. To play DVD folder, launch The KMPlayer and then select Open > Open Folder to browse the DVD folder on your hard drive. When you find the one you want to play, click OK to start play the selected DVD folder using The KMPlayer. 3. Play DVD folder with VLC Media Player VLC is a well-know … Playback Shrinked DVD Movie Folder with Windows Media Player 1. Open Window Media Player 2. Select File > Open 3. Choose "Any file (*.*)" from the Files of type drop-down list. Open the VIDEO_TS folder created by Any DVD Shrink, select all the files in this folder and then click "open". 4. Play the DVD files in Windows Media Player. Note: If there is no audio when playing back with Windows Media Player, please install the AC3 filter.

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Sep 14, 2017 · Just change for Windows Media Player or iMovie to make sure the DVD driver is working well. Method 3: Install Libdvdcss – Encrypt and Play Commercial DVDs . If you insist on playing commercial DVD discs with VLC Media Player, then the third party application should be installed, to encrypt and read DVDs on computer.

VOB files are essential to DVDs and can be taken from a disk in order to place a copy of a movie on a user’s computer. When people have VOB files, they sometimes want to play the VOB files with Windows Media Player, but they meet troubles:

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